Snowmaking is a complicated business. It requires the management of complex interactions between technical, economic and environmental factors. SUFAG delivers performance and piece of mind throughout the winter season. We provide you a total solution in all areas.


SUFAG is at your side throughout your project, from initial design, through to implementation and commissioning of your installation.
Our approach is tailored to exactly meet our clients’ needs. To achieve this we offer:

  1. A full analysis of your needs, a site survey, a technical and economic analysis
  2. Budgetary analysis to set your investment envelope
  3. The delivery of a fully customised offer

Before each project, we provide you with a full explanation of the content of your offer. Once the order is confirmed, a personal business manager is assigned to the project, who will act as your dedicated partner throughout the implementation phase.
Depending on the project size, a site supervisor is also appointed to coordinate the day-to-day work and manage aspects such as supply and assembly.


Naturally, we also provide full support to our customers from equipment reception and installation, right through to equipment commissioning and final testing and adjustment.


Most importantly, we provide our customers with full training in the operation and maintenance of their facilities.


Our automated solutions give operators full control over their installations and snow guns.
To do this, we provide user-friendly designs using advanced ergonomics designed to be intuitive for end users.

At the heart of our automation offer is our GSSystem technology, a powerful tool developed in partnership with the users of our snowmaking equipment. It manages your resources, both water and air, using a multi-screen interface. This advanced technology has the capability to drive several dozen snowmakers in real time and can be operated remotely. The technology can also be used to set operational priorities, depending on weather conditions or the user’s pre-defined snow-making needs.

The GSSystem also provides full monitoring capability to manage your facilities. This feature allows you to obtain detailed reports and statistics on the performance of your snow guns, all remotely administered using a mobile interface.
SUFAG automation systems can also be integrated with other types of equipment.


SUFAG focuses its work and much of its research on the density of snow obtained, ensuring that you get the best possible product in terms of snow quality.
Our snow guns are highly reliable and are designed for immediate performance, as soon as marginal temperatures allow.
In addition, energy optimisation is a core driver in all that we do, especially developments in our equipment.


We have two R&D offices, which study and develop tomorrow’s snowmaking technology.
All of our work is driven by our energy and passion to optimise our products, improve their performance and provide broad compatibility.


We ensure that our experts are always available to maintain our products at clients’ installations. As well as on-site work, they also offer teleintervention: control or troubleshooting for your installation, directly from our offices.
SUFAG’s business model is built on close relationships with its customers; and as part of our offer, we operate a standby service during periods of snow production, backed by rapid response, should the need arise.


We also offer training and technical assistance contracts.


To support all this, we carry a large stock of spare parts for all snow gun models produced by Sufag, Areco and Snowstar.
We can dispatch our technicians rapidly, to work on your facilities, anywhere in the world.


To ensure the highest quality standards, SUFAG is ISO 9001 certified for all its activities.
SUFAG also takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and has been ISO 14001 certified since 2013.


SUFAG offers you optimized and energy efficient solutions. Our technology includes variable speed pumping, multi-threshold snow guns and optimized networks.
We strive to use only recyclable materials in the design and implementation of our products and processes. Eco-design and landscaping of installations are fully integrated into our work at the feasibility stage.