Our history

SUFAG’s history stretches back more than 50 years.

In 2014, SUFAG combined the expertise and know-how of three internationally recognised companies: Sufag, Areco and Snowstar. This new departure draws on a rich heritage, gained from our extensive experience in the Alpine region, for a period of over 50 years.


A few key milestones:


1963: engineer, Fritz Jacob, creates the first snow gun for the German company, Linde AG.


1983: Elektra Bregenz takes over Hammerle, an Austrian company, which had purchased the patents for snowmaking equipment in 1979. Sufag is formed as a company, based in Kennelbach Austria.


2002: Sufag becomes an official partner of the Ski Federation and supplies equipment to Europe’s biggest ski zones. In the same year, Swedish company, Areco, and Sufag merge to form the Snownet Group, which becomes a world leader in fan technology.


2010: Sufag buys the Geminin brand and its lance-based equipment is included in the Sufag product range. In the same year, Sufag brings out a new prototype fan, the Peak, which sets new standards in performance and energy efficiency.


2013: the MND Group acquires Snownet. The Sufag and Areco brands complete the MND snowmaking portfolio, which has already owned Snowstar since 2011. This acquisition enables it to bring fresh impetus to the group’s snowmaking activity, confirming its position as a world leader in the field.


2014: SUFAG takes the business to new levels, combining the expertise and products of Areco, Sufag and Snowstar. The brand extends its expertise to offer the most comprehensive range of snowmaking solutions on the market.