At Sufag, automation is not simply a means to remotely control installations.

GSSystem is a powerful software specifically developed to actively manage the entire snowmaking process.

It ensures that the production of snow is maximised over all possible temperature ranges, according to the priorities set by the operator, and with a minimum of operator intervention.
Developed and continuously improved for more than 20 years, GSSystem meets perfectly the operating requirements of modern installations. It integrates all the resources necessary to create an ideal environment for snow production: water and air temperature, humidity, wind, energy, etc.

Every development is worked on and tested in collaboration with snowmaking system operators. We incorporate the latest technologies in the fields of information technology and related disciplines. This brings new functionality that improves the performance of installations and helps facilitate operators’ day-to-day use of equipment.

The user-friendliness and simple design of GSSystem make it particularly intuitive and easy to use.

Two hours of training is all that’s needed to master the main features of the system.
GSSystem’s interface can also be translated into any language. It makes extensive use of visual icons allowing easy operation and navigation. As a result, all the main information is present immediately on the screen, color coded by type.