Machine room

Our expertise is based on the installation and maintenance of more than 500 machine rooms worldwide.


Our consultants size and design all our installations – hydraulic, wind-driven and electrical – and their associated automation equipment. Each solution is custom designed and configured to meet your exact needs. Our designs attempt to optimise production performance and energy efficiency.


We scan the entirety of the market in order to select the best industrial components that can meet the stringent requirements associated with the operation of snowmaking installations. Pumps, motors, variable speed drives, compressors, and control systems are all strategic components that are selected and developed in partnership with our suppliers to ensure the highest levels of quality and service.


Snowmaking installations are designed to last for decades and to adapt to changing needs such as network extensions, efficiency and production optimisation and the integration of new technologies. We act as your dedicated partner on the development and implementation of these projects, working with your master strategy for long-term development and phasing of your investments.